Leadership Development Program


The Values of the Medical Professional Organization are Guiding the doctors (members), Empowering the Profession and Protecting the Community; while the Professional paradigms are Competence, Accountability, Ethics, Altruism and Collegiality.

In the spirit of those values and paradigms, the aims of the APAO Leadership Development Program are to provide systematic orientation and professional development skills for the future leaders of Ophthalmology within the Asia-Pacific region.


  1. Identify individuals with the potential to become leaders in Ophthalmology.
  2. Provide orientation and skills to allow potential leaders to promote Ophthalmology locally and regionally.
  3. Facilitate the promotion of program graduates into leadership positions both locally and regionally.
  4. Facilitate a spirit of collegiality and networking within the future regional Ophthalmology Society Leaders.
  5. Build a culture to serve the Ophthalmology society.


  • Induction and Orientation
    This is a one-day session to be held at the APAO congress. Participants will be introduced to the main ideas of leadership and will be allowed opportunities to interact with fellow participants and faculty members.
  • Self-initiated Project
    The objective of the project is to enhance the Ophthalmology profession, eye services and society at-large. The major areas shall include:
        1. Patient care enhancement
        2. Training and education
        3. Research and development
        4. Community work
        5. Leadership development
        6. Advocacy
  • Mid-term Forum
    This is a two to three day program to be held 4-6 months after the Induction and Orientation. This intensive and interactive program will cover aspects of leadership including communication skills, ethics, project management, working with an executive team, advocacy, working with industry, organizational skills. Attendance at the activity is central to the value of the LDP.
  • Graduation
    In addition to a satisfactory completion of the other elements of the program, participants will have to present their projects at the APAO congress the following year in order to graduate.


Participants who have successfully and satisfactorily completed all elements of the program and the self-initiated project will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement of the APAO Leadership Development Program.


  1. Each member organization and council member of APAO may submit 1 (one) nomination for consideration by the Selection Committee.
  2. The nominee should be
    a. a visionary future leader with passion and determination to serve the profession and society at-large;
    b. a qualified eye doctor;
    c.  highly proficient in English.
  3. The program is aimed at ophthalmologists under the age of 50.
  4. The nominee must undertake to participate in all elements of the Leadership Development Program as noted in the program outline, including attendance at both APAO congresses and the mid-term forum. Nominees must agree to develop a project over the course of their participation in the program that will benefit the nominating society. Successful participants will graduate at a ceremony at the APAO congress the following year.
  5. The APAO will bear the cost of organizing the symposia and workshop for the program. Registration fees for the congresses will be waived for participants. Other participation costs such as expenses for travel and accommodation will be borne by the individual participant and/or the nominating society, as agreed by the member organization. Member organizations are encouraged to find ways to support their participants.
  6. Estimated annual Leadership Development Program class size: up to 19 participants.


  • The Leadership Development Program Committee will review and select participants based on completed nomination forms submitted by the closing date.
  • Nominees who are not selected may be re-nominated the following year.