Application for Funding

In order to better implement their ideas for improving eye care in the Asia-Pacific region, APAO Standing Committees are encouraged to request funding from the APAO Central Secretariat.

Applications should be submitted to the APAO Central Secretariat together with a detailed project proposal. Standing Committees must also report the results of any funded project to the APAO Council after a period of 1 year.

The approximate timeline for the application and review process in any given year is as follows:

  • Application period for the following year opens
  • Application period for the following year closes
  • Proposal vetting by the APAO Central Secretariat
  • Review by APAO Executive Committee
  • Proposals endorsed by APAO Executive Committee
  • Review by APAO Council
  • Project outcomes of previous year presented to APAO Council
  • Approval of new proposals by APAO Council during the APAO Congress

Click here to download the application form. For further details, please contact us at