Chinese Ophthalmological Society

memberorg_logo_chinaThe Chinese Ophthalmological Society (COS) was founded in 1937. Currently COS has more than 22,000 members with 11 subspecialties including corneal diseases, glaucoma, cataract, optometry, strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology, vitreo-retinal diseases, ocular trauma, plastic and orbital diseases, ocular immunology, ocular pathology, visual physiology and prevention of blindness. The COS Congress has been held since 1965, initially every four years then every two years from 1996 and annually since 2005.

The mission of COS is to promote the progress of the science of ophthalmology in China, the internationalization of Chinese ophthalmology and the availability of quality eye care to patients. To achieve these goals, COS actively works with the Sight Project of Millions of Cataract Patients and the VISION 2020 global initiative to support blindness prevention and actively advance continuing education, residency training and evidence-based guidelines in eye care.

YaokeProf. Ke YAO
Term: 2016-2022

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