Class 2013 – 2014 (Class IV)


1. Induction and Orientation

The 2013 – 2014 Class participated in the Induction and Orientation session on January 17, 2013, at the 28th APAO Congress in Hyderabad, India. The 1-day session included an Insights Discovery program, facilitated by Mr N Muruli and sponsored by Allergan.

2. Mid-term Forum

The Leadership Masterclass (previously called Mid-term Forum) was hosted by The Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology in Manila from September 27 – 28, 2013.
Allergan sponsored Simon Abbott as a speaker for the masterclass. Ms Marsheila DeVan ran an interactive workshop on presentation and communication skills in the session.

3. Self-initiated Project

Each participant was required to plan and execute a self-initiated project. They were to send their project title and propose a mentor to the Central Secretariat by February 10, 2013.

4. Graduation

The following participants graduated on April 3, 2014, at the 29th APAO Congress in Tokyo, Japan.

(in alphabetical order by surname)

Name Country  Project Title
1 Prof. Mae-Lynn Catherine Bastion Malaysia A Nnation of Ccooperation: Improving Ppostgraduate Ophthalmology Ttraining in Malaysia through the dDevelopment of a Ttrainer’s Llong Ddistance Ttraining Rreference Mmodule
2 Dr. Kam Lung Chong Hong Kong, China Improving Public, Patient and Physician Education on Thyroid-associated Orbitopathy (TAO)
3 Dr. Mehjabin Haque Bangladesh Community Involvement in Eye Care Services in Bangladesh
4 Dr. Marie Joan Loy Philippines Establishing a Website for Practicing Ophthalmologists and Residents-in-Training in the Philippines
5 Dr. Tuyen Nhu Vinh Pham Vietnam Improving Ophthalmology Education for Vietnamese Eye Doctors by Organizing Imperial City Eye Meeting
6 Dr. Desmond Quek Singapore Projecting Requirements for Ophthalmologists in Singapore
7 Dr. Satyajit Sinha India Retrospective Study on Causes of Blindness Amongst Students of 5 Blind Schools Across India
8 Dr. Sarin Sun Cambodia Development of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program in Cambodia
9 Dr Purjanto Utomo Indonesia Corneal Donor Awareness Campaign in Jogjakarta
10 Dr. Wei-Chi Wu Chinese Taipei Enhancing the Education and Understanding of Retinopathy of Prematurity in Chinese Taipei
11 Dr. Christine Younan Australia Review of the Pre-selection Period and Selection Process for Australian and New Zealand Ophthalmology Trainees